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Sleep Examiner Sleep Product Review, Analysis, Recommendation Ratings Comparisons - About Our Reivew Process

Our Review Process

While we pride ourselves on our expertise in the realm of sleep and reviewing sleep products, we recognize the value of diverse perspectives. That’s why we diligently sift through extensive research on every mattress, pillow, and sleep product accessory we evaluate. Our goal is to spare you the confusion of navigating potentially biased or limited reviews from single-source platforms.

We maintain complete independence from the companies we assess. However, to support our endeavors, we participate in affiliate and advertising programs. These partnerships enable us to continue our passion for helping people achieve better sleep.


Honest & Authentic Sleep Product Reviews

In our review process, we blend authentic customer feedback, comprehensive research on product materials and compositions, and insights from expert sites specializing in online mattress comparisons and ratings.

After we conclude our research and analysis for each mattress, pillow or sleep product review, our system automatically generates an overall performance score based on the calculated data.  For mattress reviews, this score is calculated based on the following factors: Support, Comfort, Durability, Materials, Quality, Affordability, Cooling, Edge Support, Off-Gassing, Trial Period, Warranty, and Customer Service.

Our Sleep Solution Specialists

Recent Sleep Product Reviews

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