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Sleep Number 360 p5 Smart Bed Review

By January 18, 2022June 10th, 2024No Comments

Sleep Number p5 Adjustable Air Bed

Sleep Number 360 p5 Smart Bed Rating
  • Comfort
  • Back Support
  • Edge Support
  • Affordability
  • Cooling
  • Trial/Warranty
  • Customer Service


Sleep Number’s 360 p5 smart bed mattress model has potential as one of their most popular crowd pleasing mattresses. It could be everything you’ve ever wanted, or an expensive nightmare you can’t wake up from. The 360 p5 is a fantastic choice if you don’t sleep hot and you appreciate the technology, assuming you find it accommodating.

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Sleep Number 360 p5 Smart Bed Review

Struggling with an uncomfortable bed, dreaming of a perfect night’s sleep? How much are you willing to pay for a mattress that can solve all of your sleep issues? Known for reinventing the airbed, Sleep Number beds use Responsive Air™️ technology to sense your movements and respond to them automatically. The 360 p5 model is the first in their Performance Series, and has potential to solve all of your sleep related problems – for a price. While some say a good night’s sleep is priceless, it doesn’t hurt to do your research and find out if this is the right bed for you. Let’s take a dive into the popular 360 p5 from Sleep Number!

Product Details

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Adjustable Air, Foam
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Trial Period
100 nights
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Shipping Method
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Medium-Soft, Adjustable
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Our Recommendation

Reviewer Rating Highlights For The Sleep Number Performance Series P5

The Sleep Number 360 p5 airbed is an affordable solution that still brings in their more comfort driven foam layering and pillow-topped comfort layer to promote pressure relief. The most popular model in the Sleep Number Performance Series, the 360 p5, has a reputation for balancing firmness and contoured cushion. With all its features, it still has the most reasonable price point out of the collection. It’s no wonder this is a popular model!

Recommended for the following sleeper types:

Best Mattress For:

  • Older couples
  • Side sleepers
  • Those who struggle with chronic pain
  • Those recovering from injuries

Not Recommended For:

  • Stomach sleepers
  • Those on a budget
  • Those who sleep hot

A Closer Look at the Sleep Number 360 p5’s Materials

The mattress itself is 11 inches deep and made from a blend of rayon and polypropylene fabrics. There will likely be a slightly rubbery “new bed” smell, but this will dissipate faster if you let the mattress breathe in a well ventilated area for 24-48 hours before use. The p5 model also features a European-style quilted foam pillow top and a layer of PlushFit comfort foam, zoned to target 5 areas of your body.

Each airbed comes with a hose, pump, and optional remote. Be aware that your mattress needs to be placed near an outlet, and you’ll need a strong Wi-Fi connection if you choose to use the app on your smartphone as the remote. Each mattress comes with one or two fully-adjustable air chambers depending on their size. Sleep Number works with CertiPUR-US to ensure their foam is environmentally safe to their standards.

  1. PillowTop Layer: quilted plush, the stretchy cover is cool to the touch using outlast technology.
  2. Comfort Layer: 6” of proprietary gel infused foam to provide better temperature control.
  3. Air Chambers: all large models will have two air chambers that adjust independently using the sleep number function.
  4. Adjustable Base (Optional): A good base is critical when it comes to prolonging the life of your mattress. Sleep Number bases are sold separately but are known to enhance the experience.

Firmness: Finding Your Sleep Number

The entire appeal of Sleep Number mattresses is the adjustable firmness through their DualAir technology, with settings that range from 1-100. The lower the number, the less the air chambers fill. The average Sleep Number owner ranges from 30-65 in firmness. You can find your sleep number by trying out store models, or just assuming your favorite sleeping position and adjusting until it feels right.

The Sleep Number 360 p5 is a nicely-balanced medium, with a plush pillow top and foam layer to counteract the bed’s natural firmness. By default, it’s not too firm or too soft. This is what makes it so popular according to the sales reps at Sleep Number.

Sleep Number 360 p5 Smart Bed Mattress Construction Layers

Mattress Sizes and Prices

(price doesn’t include discount or sale items)

SizeDimensionsRegular Price
Twin38" x 75"$2,149
Twin Long38" x 80"$2,199
Full54” x 75”$2,474
Queen60" x 80"$2,599
King76" x 80"$3,099
California King72" x 84"$3,099
Split KingTwo 38" x 80" pieces$3,499
FlexTop King76" x 80"$3,499
FlexTop California King72" x 84"$3,499

Pros and Cons

Who is the Sleep Number 360 p5 best For?

Sleep Number beds are great for couples who can’t decide on a single firmness mattress but still wish to sleep in the same bed together. Side sleepers are likely to love the just-right feel of the p5. If you’re struggling with chronic pain from an injury, these beds may be just the thing. Older folks dealing with difficulty sleeping due to physical changes say they appreciate the p5 for its customization. All in all, the p5 is probably best for older couples who sleep on their side and can afford the investment in a future forward mattress.

How is the cooling?

Unfortunately the p5’s temperature regulation has room for improvement. Because the top layer is 4” of foam, it’s slightly more insulating than other models. This means if you sleep hot, the p5 is a risky choice. You might prefer the Sleep Number 360 p6 model, which includes temperature balancing technology the p5 doesn’t.

How is it for sex?

While the Sleep Number airbeds are great for couples who want individual comfort levels, this could cause a slight problem when it comes to meeting in the middle, literally. Depending on how different your sleep number is from your partners, there could be a sagging issue in between the chambers, forming an undesirable “trench effect.” Contrasting sleep numbers create an obvious seam and uneven surface between the two air chambers that’s difficult to ignore. All in all, if you’re a couple that likes to snuggle in the middle a lot, you may need to take this into consideration.

How does it differ from the Classic Series?

The p5 features softer comfort layers, a pillow top and deeper profile than the models in the Classic Series, 360 c2 and 360 c4. Previous models in the Classic Series are on the firmer, thinner side. If you like your bed in the perfect medium range, the 360 p5 is said to be the Goldilocks choice.

What’s The Catch?

While this is a fun and futuristic bed, it is technically a modified air mattress with added bells and whistles. This means there are parts that can break down and require a replacement, like the hose or pump, which could mean paying out of pocket to replace them yourself depending on how long you’ve had the mattress. Oftentimes long term owners have complained about the durability of the 360 p5 in particular, claiming it didn’t last as long as they expected before they started having problems.

Adjusting the firmness can be noisy and potentially disturb your sleeping partner. Drastically different sleep numbers tend to lead to a “trench effect” over time that drags one into the middle. If you have a heart condition, the EMF’s of the sensor technology may elicit an unpleasant feeling, so keep this in mind for you or whoever you’re sharing the bed with. If the Wi-Fi connection isn’t steady enough, your sleep data could be incorrectly recorded.

The Best Sleep Number 360 p5 Reviews

The p5 is popular for a reason. Those who love it enjoy the medium plush feel and adjustable firmness. When it works it works wonderfully, and fans of Sleep Number say this is a great model to choose as your first Sleep Number bed. Using SleepIQ technology in tandem with the adjustable chambers, owners of the p5 can track their sleep habits and find their perfect sleep conditions on a mattress that isn’t too firm or too soft. At best, the p5 can relieve pain and provide a cloud-like experience incomparable to traditional mattress.

The Worst Sleep Number 360 p5 Reviews

Sleep Number beds are often described as “glorified, overhyped air mattresses,” and if you’re not aware of the terms and conditions you could have a lot of trouble with the return process. Complaints include trouble with the app connection, poor durability, improper or slow inflating, trenching in the middle, and extreme discomfort. Long-term owners may find themselves shelling out more money to replace faulty parts that aren’t covered under warranty, making returns difficult as well as expensive.

Sleep Number 360 p5 Mattress Warranty

Sleep Number offers a 1 year full warranty followed by a 15 year limited warranty, and covers defects in material or craftsmanship despite normal use. Their current warranty extends to all Sleep Number smart beds and bases purchased after March 28, 2020. During the first year, Sleep Number offers to repair, replace or refund your warrantied product or part if there is a defect in materials or craftsmanship despite normal use and service at no cost. After that, any repair or replacement cost is prorated and only partially covered. Be sure to go over all their terms and conditions before you make a purchase, and keep all receipts and records in a safe place you can easily access. Sleep Number’s warranty is very specific, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into.

What Sleep Number 360 p5 Warranty Covers

Sleep Number advertises a 15 year limited warranty with their 100 night trial period, available in the United States exclusively. It is far easier to return within the trial period, but be sure Sleep Number authorizes it first. The warranty covers an ownership transfer within the 1 year period, but the SleepIQ technology doesn’t transfer, likely to discourage any handoffs at all. The full warranty only applies to the original owner, and you’ll be asked for verification details upon making a claim. There is a law label attached to all Smart Beds that you should not remove, as this may void your warranty altogether.

What Sleep Number 360 p5 Warranty Doesn’t Cover

If you’re planning on making a claim with Sleep Number, keep in mind they don’t cover return shipping/delivery fees, and must authorize the return to begin with. The warranty doesn’t cover physical abuse or damage caused by tampering or modification to any component, nor does it cover environmental damage. The smart bed remote control, if purchased, is covered by a separate warranty, and the warranty doesn’t apply to the app technology at all. If you’ve purchased a Sleep Number bed for commercial use, only the 1 year warranty applies. If you’re caught using an inappropriate base or foundation, Sleep Number reserves the right to void your warranty completely.

Sleep Examiner’s Review Process

Here at Sleep Examiner, we consider ourselves expert reviewers of all things sleep. However, we believe that ten opinions are better than one, so we take on the task of opening twenty different browser tabs and digging deep so you don’t have to. We painstakingly comb through reviews on multiple sites for every mattress, pillow, and sleep accessory we can find – so you don’t get fooled by fake, biased, or limited points of view.

Using a combination of verified customer reviews, we put together in-depth research on the exact composition and materials used, as well as comparisons and ratings from expert sites. Once our research is concluded, our system automatically generates an overall performance score for each mattress based on the collected data in the following categories: Comfort, Firmness, Edge Support, Affordability, Cooling, Trial period, Warranty and Customer Support.

Our Analysis

Sleep Number p5 Bed Summary Analysis

Sleep Number started their company in 1987 under the Select Comfort Corporation, and the first Sleep Number bed was produced in 1988. They’ve come far since their original comfort settings that were only from 1-10. Sleep Number beds are made in the USA and can be found in their respective stores across the country. The company has been hit rather hard during the pandemic, furloughing nearly 2,000 workers in 2020, closing locations and discontinuing buybacks as well as deliveries in many cases.

Sleep Number’s customer service is relatively accessible. With a number to call or a virtual chat on their website, they’re typically easy to get a hold of. However, if you don’t know your trial and warranty terms, you might struggle with returns, exchanges, or replacements. They’re very friendly when making a sale, but are known to slap on extra charges or fees. Be sure and equip yourself with knowledge of their terms prior to purchase.

Sleep Number p5 Performance Score

Comfort: 4/5
Back Support: 3.7/5
Edge Support: 3.5/5
Affordability: 4/5
Cooling: 4/5
Trial & Warranty: 3/5
Customer Service: 3.8/5

The Verdict: 3.1/5

Sleep Number’s 360 p5 model has potential as one of their most popular crowd pleasing mattresses. It could be everything you’ve ever wanted, or an expensive nightmare you can’t wake up from. The 360 p5 is a fantastic choice if you don’t sleep hot and you appreciate the technology, assuming you find it accommodating. The futuristic capabilities of Sleep Number beds are sure to impress friends and family, but more bells and whistles could create more problems. Throw in the highly specific warranty, and anyone interested should proceed with caution before purchasing one of these mattresses.



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