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Tempflow Elite Contour Medium Mattress Review

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Tempflow Elite Contour Medium - Memory Foam Mattress Review

Tempflow Elite Contour Mattress
  • Comfort
  • Back Support
  • Edge Support
  • Affordability
  • Cooling
  • Trial & Warranty
  • Customer Service


The Tempflow Elite Contour medium is a medium-firm and supportive mattress that has solved the main downsides found in memory foam mattresses: smell, price, and cooling. Tempflow’s use of safer materials means they’re great for those with sensitivities.

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Tempflow Elite Contour Medium Mattress Review

In the market for a durable memory foam bed with that just right feeling? Tempflow presents a large variety of models to suit your needs and offers top tier customer service to ensure satisfaction. What’s more, Tempflow can brag about having more safety certifications than the average mattress company.

Tempflow’s Elite Contour comes in four different firmnesses: soft, medium-hybrid, medium and firm. If you’re searching for that perfect medium, this review will focus on the medium firmness option of Tempflow Elite Contour. Read on to take a dive into the details and decide if the the Elite Contour medium is the best mattress made for you.

Product Details

Mattress Materials Icon
Memory Foam
Mattress Sleep Trial Icon
Trial Period
120 nights
Mattress Shipping Icon
Shipping Method
Free, Return fees apply
Mattress Firmness Icon
Medium, Customizable
Mattress Warranty Icon
40 year limited
Mattress Price Icon
Price Range

Our Recommendation

Reviewer Rating Highlights

Tempflow EliteContour features four different firmness choices with an optional airflow transfer system, making it easy to see why the company slogan is: “the mattress that breathes.” The medium EliteContour incorporates a durable construction with unique patented Biogreen memory foam that contours and promotes pressure relief in all the right places for a deeper, more refreshing sleep.

Recommended for the following sleeper types:

Best mattress for

  • Those that want a less expensive alternative to Tempur-Pedic, without compromising on the quality.
  • Those that want a far longer warranty than other Memory Foam Mattresses.
  • Back sleepers (especially for the medium and firm versions)
  • Side sleepers (especially for the soft and medium versions)
  • Heavier weight sleepers (especially for the medium and firm versions)
  • Those that want the true NASA created memory foam contouring.
  • Those concerned with material safety

Not recommended for

  • Those on a strict budget
  • Those who prefer a more traditional mattress

A Closer Look at Tempflow Elite Contour Materials

Tempflow’s Elite Contour mattress is 12 inches thick and made with what they refer to as Biogreen proprietary viscoelastic memory foam, boasting multiple environmentally friendly safety certifications including: eko-Tex®*, Certipur-US®* and GreenGuard. Tempflow’s Biogreen memory foam is lab tested to ensure a truly non-toxic experience, as well as strength and durability in extreme conditions. This means that not only is the off-gassing hardly noticeable compared to other memory foam brands, the Tempflow Elite Contour can withstand the test of time.


The Tempflow Elite Contour medium is just that, medium! While most of Tempflow’s mattresses are described as “soft, but firm,” the Tempflow Elite Contour’s medium model sits in that middle sweet spot. If rated on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being the softest, the Tempflow Elite Contour would likely fall at a 6.5. The Elite Contour is one of the more supportive models, but keep in mind that firmness tends to be subjective, and depends on weight and body type.

Let’s take a look at the layers:

  1. Kool-Flow Cover: a breathable blend of polyester and bamboo, this knit fabric cover is featured on each Tempflow mattress and micro-vents for better airflow.
  2. Comfort Layer: 2 inches of Tempflow’s HD-Plush foam that you can really sink into!
  3. Transition Layer: 2 inches of Tempflow’s HD memory foam, the same foam designed by NASA to cradle and contour important pressure points.
  4. Support Layer: 8 inches of Tempflow’s dense channeled base foam to support the structure and promote durability.
  5. Optional Airflow Transfer System: a patented technology that channels airflow through the mattress both vertically and horizontally, promoting ventilation and efficient cooling.

Tempflow Elite Contour Medium - Mattress Material Layers

Mattress Sizes and Prices

(price doesn’t include discount or sale items)

SizeDimensionsRegular Price
Twin38" x 74"$2,024.00
Twin Long38" x 80"$2,024.00
Full53” x 75”$2,289.00
Queen60" x 80"$2,399.00
Eastern King76" x 80"$2,924.00
California King72" x 84"$2,924.00
Split Eastern KingTwo 38" x 80" pieces$4,049.00
Split California KingTwo 36" x 84" pieces$4,049.00

Pros and Cons

Who is the Tempflow Elite Contour Medium mattress best for?

The Tempflow Elite Contour Medium option has the most use of the firmer Biogreen pure HD (high density) memory foam material in the surface layer, providing optimal support and reducing pressure in the shoulders and hips. Because of this, the Tempflow Elite Contour medium should be a nice fit for heavier weight sleepers as well as those who struggle with back pain.

Tempflow took a potential downside and turned it into an upside with their commitment to eco-friendly materials and having the lowest possible V.O.C. (volatile organic compound) off-gassing.  While there still may be a newer foam smell that seems to permeate all new foam mattresses, Tempflow has had extensive testing and even passed the most stringent testing criteria when they received their Greenguard Gold Certification on their mattresses and pillows by using their proprietary low V.O.C. Biogreen memory foam that doesn’t use any dangerous fire resistant chemicals like PBDE, TDI, Boric Acid and Bromine, as well as being free of formaldehyde, making this a great option for those who are allergic or sensitive to certain mattress materials.

How is it for couples?

When couples are looking into purchasing a memory foam mattress, it’s usually for the benefits of motion isolation provided by the material. Tempflow’s Elite Contour is a great option for couples in search of fewer disturbances at night from their partner, kids or pets. The layers of Elite Contour successfully isolate movement so couples can sleep more soundly.

While the foam provides excellent traction and contouring, it may prove difficult to quickly move positions during intimacy. Couples who prefer a more responsive bounce in their bed during the “horizontal mambo” may want to take this into consideration.

What’s The Catch?

While Tempflow mattress company has been in business for over 20 years now, the sales of Tempflow mattresses are limited to online at the Tempflow site, in their flagship Tempflow showroom in Agoura Hills, CA, as well as a handful of dealers dealers, there are not many publicly available reviews. The EliteContour represents a new line of models that have been revamped and renamed, so it is difficult to find as anywhere near the feedback of their main competitor, Tempur-Pedic.  Also, many reviews fail to mention the edge support of the EliteContour, but in videos like the one from the review company SleepSherpa, it was vocalized that their edge support is superior, lending credence to Tempflow’s extra long warranty for being more dense overall.

If you are comparing the Tempflow to Tempur-Pedic, the price may seem a bargain, but it is worth noting that their are much less dense memory foam mattresses that are far more price friendly,  though there will be a difference in the support and longevity.  Tempflow has gone to great lengths to give the same feel and support, if not better, than Tempur-Pedic, so if you are looking for a cheaper alternative and don’t mind taking a chance on the less widely known “name brand,” then here is where saving your dollars can also pay-off in the long run.

Another advantage comes if you sleep hot and choose to opt for Tempflow’s Airflow System or get their Glacier mattress models that come stock with the Airflow Transfer system, since their testing has show that it is up to a 100 times more breathable than without this extra airflow system that uses small holes in the surface to communicate with open air flow channels below to give a full ventilation through the mattress that will transmit to the user, provided that you use breathable bedding as well.

Lastly, the EliteContour is too heavy of a density to get compressed into a smaller box, making it too heavy for one person to set-up, so you will need to either have an extra set of hands or you may want to opt for their extra set-up delivery service if you want to save your back the extra work and potential pain.

The Best Tempflow Elite Contour (Medium) Reviews

The EliteContour medium is comparable to their previous model known as Eros. Knowing this, satisfied customers often mention Tempflow’s excellent customer service first before swearing that their Tempflow mattress eased their chronic pain and allergy issues. Long term owners of Tempflow mattresses note how well it seems to hold up over time, and how little the mattress smelled initially. The cooling system Tempflow can optionally incorporate is said to be one of the few that genuinely work, and is vouched for by pleased owners who say they don’t sleep as hot as they used to.

The Worst Tempflow Elite Contour (Medium) Reviews

Due to the limited reviews, it is difficult to find negative feedback on Tempflow mattresses. In fact, in most places on the internet they’re rated at four stars and above and they have been around for long enough to dispel the belief that they are hiding anything.  So, it is a good bet that you’ll be happy from the start, but worth noting that Tempflow also offers a no cost exchange policy with free modifications.  With their top-rated customer service being a common theme with their customers, we have a hard time seeing how anyone wouldn’t come out as happy sleepers after purchasing their Tempflow EliteContour mattress.

Tempflow Warranty

Tempflow offers a 40-year limited warranty, second best only to the Lifetime warranty offered by other companies. In the first ten years of mattress ownership, Tempflow will take responsibility for any defective parts, labor and materials and perform repairs at no cost. However, shipping and handling fees during the return process will be the customers responsibility.

From the 11th year of ownership on, defect repairs are available at a pro-rated amount, plus shipping and handling fees. The pro-rated amount is calculated by dividing number of years owned by 40, then multiplied by the original mattress cost. In order to return your Tempflow mattress, you must obtain a Return Material Authorization before sending it back to their manufacturing plant. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before the purchase of any mattress, and keep any receipts and records of purchase in a safe place at home.

What the Tempflow Mattress Warranty Covers

Tempflow mattresses are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 40 years from the original purchase date. Sags greater than 3/4 of an inch are covered, so remember to use a proper foundation and regularly rotate the mattress to ensure longevity. Tempflow mattresses naturally soften a bit through the break-in period, which is not considered a defect.

What The Tempflow Mattress Warranty Doesn’t Cover

Physical abuse or neglectful damage such as burns, cuts, stains, tears or liquid damage isn’t covered by Tempflow’s warranty. While they don’t have specific instructions on using a proper foundation or base, Tempflow’s warranty also doesn’t cover damage by use of an improper foundation, such as a slated foundation that allows the mattress to bend and sink between the slats. With proper care, Tempflow mattresses are designed to last as long as possible.

Sleep Examiner’s Review Process

Here at Sleep Examiner, we consider ourselves expert reviewers of all things sleep. However, we believe that ten opinions are better than one, so we take on the task of opening twenty different browser tabs and digging deep so you don’t have to. We painstakingly comb through reviews on multiple sites for every mattress, pillow, and sleep accessory we can find – so you don’t get fooled by fake, biased, or limited points of view.

Using a combination of verified customer reviews, we put together in-depth research on the exact composition and materials used, as well as comparisons and ratings from expert sites. Once our research is concluded, our system automatically generates an overall performance score for each mattress based on the collected data in the following categories: Comfort, Firmness, Edge Support, Affordability, Cooling, Trial Period, Warranty and Customer Support.

Our Analysis

Tempflow Elite Contour Medium Mattress Summary Analysis

The only red flag found in search of Tempflow Elite Contour medium feedback is that these beds aren’t more well known! Tempflow has an impressive reputation. With very little poor reviews, it seems Tempflow has held true to its word when it comes to customer satisfaction. As a division of Relief-Mart, Inc, Tempflow has become an industry leader in pain relief, comfort management, and memory foam products. Tempflow’s standards and quality of materials are both high, making it easy to see why they’re so well rated.

Tempflow Elite Contour Medium Performance Score

Comfort: 4.8/5
Back Support: 4.5/5
Edge Support: 4.3/5
Affordability: 4.3/5
Cooling: 4/5
Trial & Warranty: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

The Verdict: 4.6/5

The Tempflow Elite Contour medium is a medium-firm and supportive mattress that has solved the main downsides found in memory foam mattresses: smell, price, and cooling. Tempflow’s use of safer materials means they’re great for those with sensitivities or allergies, their prices are more approachable than many other companies, and the patented airflow technology is vouched for by happy customers. All in all, your biggest regret may be not ordering a Tempflow EliteContour Medium sooner!



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