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Sleep Solutions Specialist

Eva Salyer

Eva Salyer is full time visual artist and creative weirdo residing in beautiful Grass Valley, California. On a quest to find her real self and peeling back layers as she goes. Her current collaboration list includes cannabis, sleep products, home mortgages and adult content. You never really know what’s going to come out of her mouth next. A self proclaimed mental health warrior, Eva often shoots out a bat signal out to unite all weirdos of Earth. ARE YOU IN?

Sleep Examiner Review Process

Here at Sleep Examiner, we consider ourselves expert reviewers of all things sleep. However, we believe that ten opinions are better than one, so we take on the task of opening twenty different browser tabs and digging deep so you don’t have to. We painstakingly comb through reviews on multiple sites for every mattress and sleep accessory we can find so you don’t get fooled by fake, biased, or limited points of view.

Eva Salyer Art, Grass Valley California

Recent Posts

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Helix Twilight Elite Mattress Review

Check our Helix Twilight Elite mattress review! Experience unmatched luxury with the Helix Elite collection, offering a firm feel tailored for side sleepers with ultimate support and cutting-edge cooling technology. This mattress features memory foam instead of polyfoam in the topmost layers. The use of memory foam ensures closer contouring for a very deep sleep.
March 27, 2024