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Writer • Film Critic • TikTok Sensation

Judith Reynolds

Judith Reynolds (Jude Rose) is an enthusiastic, fun, and socially savvy online influencer who has mastered the art of producing quality content. As well as being extremely outspoken, her strongest skillset lies in her knack for creative writing and online story telling. Backed with extensive customer service and direct marketing skills, she understands how to advertise and pitch a product to have a strong relatable written voice.

Since Jude was an adolescent, she has always loved writing, and recently has written articles for some boutique blogs and online cannabis companies. Her writing styles range from fictional to analytical, it doesn’t matter, as long as she enjoys the subject. While Jude grows her writing skills, she decided to start creating video shorts, TikTok clips, Instagram stories, and more entertaining videos to grab the attention of her growing online followers. To learn more about Jude, visit her LinkedIn profile.

Judith Chloe Rose - Author at Sleep Examiner

Recent Posts

Is Your Mattress Toxic? What's in your Mattress?
Sleep TipsJude Chloe

What is Biogreen Memory Foam?

Everyone knows what memory foam is, but does anyone really know what biogreen memory foam is? In this day and age, a lot of people take things at face value, choosing not to dig any further than what they’re told because let’s face it, who has the time? Next thing they know, they’re experiencing frequent headaches, nausea, dizziness and have absolutely no idea why…
April 21, 2022
Made In The USA and Assembled in the USA
Sleep TipsJude Chloe

Made In The USA … Or Is It?

It’s important to research a company you’re buying from if you’re concerned about products made in the USA. Also pay particular attention to the wording used when discussing the origin of their materials as well as assembly. You could be getting a product that cut corners in production!
March 16, 2022