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Sleep Number 360 i8 vs Air-Pedic 800 Beds

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Sleep Number i8 Smart Bed Review

Sleep Number 360 i8 Bed
  • Comfort
  • Back Support
  • Edge Support
  • Affordability
  • Cooling
  • Trial & Warranty
  • Customer Service


If you’re willing to make the investment, the Sleep Number 360 i8 Smart Bed might be the best mattress for body pain, snoring, recovery and the great debate between couples of which bed to buy. It’s a bed that’s sure to impress your friends at the very least, with modern capabilities unlike any other mattress.

Air-Pedic 800 Adjustable Air Bed Mattress Review

Air-Pedic 800 & 850 Air Bed
  • Comfort
  • Back Support
  • Edge Support
  • Affordability
  • Cooling
  • Trial & Warranty
  • Customer Service


The Air-Pedic 800 mattress and Air-Pedic 850 mattress are thick, durable models perfect for heavier sleepers and combination sleepers alike. Air-Pedic adjustable air beds are a great choice for couples in search of a Sleep Number alternative.

Which Adjustable Air Bed Is Best For You?

Sleep Number 360 i8 vs Air-Pedic 800 Mattresses

The day has come and you’ve finally decided to invest in a luxury smart bed, complete with an app to control the comfort level. It’s 2022, after all, and fighting over the firmness of a mattress is a thing of the past. Why compromise on a bed neither of you really like if you can afford a bed that knows what you want individually?

By now, most people have heard of a company called Sleep Number, which became popular for releasing mattresses with dual-air adjustability at the push of a button. But did you know they’re not the only adjustable beds out there? Air-Pedic is a strong competitor, released by Select-a-Bed, with similar technology. Both companies offer a mattress that can separately adjust the comfort level on each side for a unique experience couples can enjoy together.

So which mattress brand should you go with? Do the mattress differences even matter? In this comprehensive comparison we’ll take a dive into the details of two similar models from each company: the 360 i8 by Sleep Number and the Air-Pedic 800, available through Select-A-Bed.

Sleep Number 360 i8 vs Air-Pedic 800 Adjustable Air Beds

Comparing Mattress Similarities & Differences

Buying a luxury bed is a big decision, one you’ll live with every night. The best thing you can do for yourself before making a large purchase is research. While it’s tempting to go with the first brand that comes to mind, like Sleep Number, it’s important to consider other options in case it’s truly better to invest in one over the other.

Air-Pedic openly advertises itself as the direct competitor of the Sleep Number brand. While not as well known, Air-Pedic clearly understands the need for choice and variety, providing a product that gives Sleep Number a run for their money.

At first glance, the two mattresses seem to be variations of the same thing. Read on to look closer at the key differences and similarities between the Sleep Number 360 i8 and the Air-Pedic 800. See our  Sleep Number 360 i8 mattress review.


  • Adjustable Air: Both mattresses have air chambers that fill or deflate on each side to produce an individual comfort level, perfect for couples who can’t agree on a single firmness.
  • Technology: Both mattresses can be used with a remote, or adjusted through a smartphone application for your convenience.
  • Luxury Price Tag: Both beds are considered luxury items, and should you choose to also purchase an adjustable base (which both are compatible with) you’re looking at a price tag of $3k and up with a small difference between the two brands.


  • Assembly: Sleep Number beds require assembly upon delivery, whereas Air-Pedic mattresses are all delivered fully assembled. On top of that, Air-Pedic delivers their mattresses with pre-filled air chambers.
  • Air Chambers: The Sleep Number i8 has two separate-but-connected adjustable air chambers, whereas the Air-Pedic 800 features 6 chambers, 3 on each side, for zoned comfort with an imperceptible seam between the sides.
  • Edge Support: Sleep Numbers are notorious for having little to no edge support, and the i8 is no exception. The Air-Pedic 800, however, has fairly impressive support along the edges thanks to a more thoughtful construction.

Comparing The Difference in Mattress Materials

The closer you look the more obvious it becomes that although these two might seem the same at first, they’re quite different despite the similarity in function. For instance, the i8 by Sleep Number is 12” high, whereas the Air-Pedic 800 stands at 13.5”.

The materials also differ in safety certifications. Sleep Number works with CertiPUR-US to ensure their foam is environmentally safe to their standards. The Air-Pedic 800 is not only Certi-PUR US certified, it also boasts a certification from Greenguard as well as the Green Bear Mark of Excellence.

Let’s take a dive into the construction of these mattresses to see what else sets them apart:

Sleep Number 360 i8 Mattress Construction

This particular model in Sleep Number’s Innovative line of smart beds comes with a remote, hose, pump, and an app that tracks your sleep habits through your smartphone. The i8 Smart Bed itself is 12” high and made up of a blend of polyester/polypropylene fabrics, so it’s soft and breathable.

Mattress Layers

  • Mattress Top: quilted plush, the stretchy cover is cool to the touch using outlast technology.
  • Comfort Layer: 6” of proprietary gel infused foam to provide better temperature control.
  • Air Chamber(s): all large models will have two air chambers that adjust independently using the sleep number function.

Air-Pedic 800 Mattress Construction

The Air-Pedic 800 is 13.5” high and comes with two handheld remotes, an optional smartphone remote app, a quiet and fast working air pump, and dual sided adjustable firmness using 6 chamber, multi-zoned technology for adjustable comfort and separate lumbar support control. Select-A-Bed guarantees indiscernible center support in their flexible construction that allows for an even feel across the whole mattress.

Mattress Layers

  • Mattress Top: a stretch knit covering micro-vented viscous blend of bamboo for comfort and breathability, referred to as Kool-Flow.
  • Cooling Layer: 1 Inch gel-infused support or hypergel plush-top for an initial cool sensation, typically featured in their higher number models like the 800.
  • Support Layer: 5” dense gel infused flex-comfort or resili-flex foam for pressure relief in all the right places.
  • Airflow Transfer System: (optional) a patented technology that channels airflow through mattresses both vertically and horizontally, promoting ventilation and efficient cooling.[INSERT IMAGES HERE]

Comparing the Pros and Cons

Both Air-Pedic 800 and Sleep Number i8 beds offer customization for sleepers and couples, along with their own temperature balancing technologies.

The 360 i8 offers sleep tracking and temperature balancing technology, and is one of the softest in the collection. Sleepers of all kinds looking for a luxury bed get a bonus with the i8, which features SleepIQ technology that gets to know you and supports your sleep habits, evolving and changing with you as you need it to.

The Air-Pedic 800 is a great choice for couples and seniors alike in search of a Sleep Number alternative. Multi-zoned air chambers that allow separate lumbar support control is a luxurious feature that is sure to impress friends and family. Not only is their customer service fabulous, the optional AirFlow cooling system really works!

Sleep Number 360 i8 Adjustable Air Bed

Best Mattress For

If you’re a couple just getting into the concept of dual-air technology, Sleep Number is a well known brand offering just that. They can benefit those who suffer from chronic pain or even snoring, since the bed tracks your movements and adjusts accordingly. Their comprehensive app can prove useful for those interested in tracking and improving their sleep habits at any given time.

Not Recommended For

If you’re a couple that likes to snuggle, you might not like the i8, as it’s said to have a rather obvious seam that can often lead to trenching in the middle. Since the air chambers are connected, this can lead to poor motion isolation, so if you or your spouse move around a lot in the night, this could lead to some interrupted sleep. Finally, if you’re a heavier weight sleeper, you may experience poor support in your middle section on the 360 i8.

Air-Pedic 800 Adjustable Air Bed

Best Mattress For

Couples looking to treat themselves to individually targeted comfort while sharing the same bed should love the Air-Pedic 800. It’s not only great for couples of all ages, but particularly older couples and those who suffer from chronic pain. If you sleep hot, you’ll be especially pleased with the optional airflow system, a well reviewed option on Select-a-Beds testimonial page. Lastly, if you’re concerned with off-gassing and material safety, Air-Pedic goes the extra mile to guarantee a safe product.

Not Recommended For

If you’re on a budget, then the Air-Pedic 800 likely isn’t for you, but that’s obvious. Despite being just slightly cheaper than the Sleep Number i8, depending on your options the 800 can cost you around the same price. Bed hogs who can’t help but take up most of the bed need not apply, as it turns the settings into a moot point. Ultimately, if you prefer a more traditional bed, definitely skip this future forward mattress that has its own app.

Side by Side Mattress Comparison

By now, you’re up to speed on both mattresses, but let’s go into depth about how each one feels. Always keep in mind that the firmness experience of a mattress is often subjective, and dependent on weight and body type.

The firmness of the Sleep Number 360 i8 arrives at a medium, around a 6 on a scale of 10, 10 being the most firm. Sleep Number uses a comfort scale from 1-100, the latter being the most firm, but the average Sleep Number owner ranges from 30-60 in firmness. The higher the number, the more the air chambers fill, increasing the firmness of the bed. With gel infused foam on the top comfort layer, it’s a nice option for those who prefer a medium-firm mattress with slight possible adjustments.

The Air-Pedic 800 has the same concept as the i8, and is also typically experienced as a medium-firm, featuring 89 settings that can be adjusted using the handheld remote or smartphone app. What makes the Air-Pedic 800 special is the ability to change the overall comfort settings in three different zones for the best spinal alignment possible. Its dense construction and zoned air chambers create a firmness that most should experience as the Goldilocks of beds: just right.

While both mattresses do approximately the same thing, the Air-Pedic 800 offers individual adjustments in the neck, hips and legs section, making it more suitable for heavier weight sleepers. If you sleep hot, the gel-infused foam on the Sleep Number 360 i8 might not cool you off enough, but the airflow system offered by Air-Pedic has an excellent reputation among hot sleepers.

The Best Mattress Reviews

At their best, the Sleep Number 360 i8 and Air-Pedic 800 are both described as cloud-like, with the perfect amount of support and room for adjustment. The innovative technology has the power to reduce and relieve pain exactly where you need it, especially on the Air-Pedic 800. Owners of the 360 i8 particularly enjoy tracking their sleep habits on the app, and owners of the Air-Pedic 800 love to brag about the cooling airflow system.

The Worst Mattress Reviews

While complaints about the Air-Pedic 800 are hard to find, complaints about the sleep number i8 smart bed include: poor motion isolation, poor temperature control, faulty firmware, poor edge support, molding in the hose, and trenching in the middle. At their worst, beds like these are described as glorified air mattresses. Depending on your wifi strength, you may have some trouble with the app connection. Owners of the Sleep Number 360 i8 have had to shell out extra cash to deal with faulty parts not covered by the warranty, though it doesn’t look like the Air-Pedic 800 has the same problems by any means. It seems the worst problem Select-a-Bed customers had was waiting for their Air-Pedic during the pandemic.

★ Sleep Number 360 i8 Adjustable Air Bed • Product Details

Mattress Materials Icon
Adjustable Air, Foam
Mattress Sleep Trial Icon
Trial Period
100 nights
Mattress Shipping Icon
Shipping Method
Mattress Firmness Icon
Medium, Customizable
Mattress Warranty Icon
Mattress Price Icon
Price Range

★ Air-Pedic 800 Adjustable Air Bed • Product Details

Mattress Materials Icon
Memory Foam, Adjustable Air
Mattress Sleep Trial Icon
Trial Period
120 nights
Mattress Shipping Icon
Shipping Method
Delivery, setup, and return fees may apply
Mattress Firmness Icon
Medium, Customizable
Mattress Warranty Icon
30 year limited
Mattress Price Icon
Price Range

Comparing Trial Period & Mattress Warranty

Finally, you might be wondering how long you can try these mattresses out for, and what to do if you need to return them. The Sleep Number 360 i8 and Air-Pedic 800 have several major differences in their trial period and warranty terms you should be aware of prior to purchase.

Sleep Number Warranty

Sleep Number offers a 1 year full warranty with a 100 night trial period followed by a 15 year limited warranty, and covers defects in material or craftsmanship despite normal use.

The warranty is available exclusively in the United States, and covers an ownership transfer within the 1 year period. The full warranty only applies to the original owner, and you’ll be asked for verification details upon making a claim. There is a law label attached to all Smart Beds that you should not remove, as this may void your warranty altogether.

If you’re planning on making a claim with Sleep Number, keep in mind they don’t cover return shipping/delivery fees, and must authorize the return to begin with. The smart bed remote control, if purchased, is covered by a separate warranty, and the warranty doesn’t apply to the app technology at all. Lastly, if you’re caught using an inappropriate base or foundation, Sleep Number reserves the right to void your warranty completely.

Air-Pedic Warranty

Select-A-Bed offers a 30 year limited warranty for their Air-Pedic mattresses, with the first 3 years from date of purchase covered, and the rest prorated at an increasing percentage as the years go on.

Air-Pedic will cover the cost of shipping up to two years after the purchase date for orders within the United States, but the customer is responsible for shipping costs beyond that period.

Their warranty is valid through Air-Pedic only and applies to the original purchaser from the original purchase date, and cannot be transferred. The warranted product or component must be returned in sanitary condition to Air-Pedic, and they reserve the right to substitute products of equal or better quality in the repair or replacement. The mattress, foundation (if purchased from Select-a-Bed) and/or pump processor and hand control are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 30 years from the original purchase date.

As with most mattress manufactures, neither warranties cover physical abuse or damage such as burns, cuts, stains, tears or liquid damage. Since the owner is responsible for the use and maintenance, it’s important to take excellent care of your mattress to get the most out of it. Always go over your warranty before making a claim with customer service. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before the purchase of any mattress, and keep any receipts and records of purchase in a safe place at home.

Sleep Examiner’s Review Process

Here at Sleep Examiner, we consider ourselves expert reviewers of all things sleep. However, we believe that ten opinions are better than one, so we take on the task of opening twenty different browser tabs and digging deep so you don’t have to. We painstakingly comb through reviews on multiple sites for every mattress, pillow, and sleep accessory we can find – so you don’t get fooled by fake, biased, or limited points of view.

Using a combination of verified customer reviews, we put together in-depth research on the exact composition and materials used, as well as comparisons and ratings from expert sites. Once our research is concluded, our system automatically generates an overall performance score for each mattress based on the collected data in the following categories: Comfort, Back Support, Edge Support, Affordability, Cooling, Trial Period, Warranty and Customer Service. Learn more about our review process here.

★ Our Recommendation

Sleep Rating: 3.7/5 Sleepers & Couples Recommend

The Sleep Number 360 i8 and Air-Pedic 800 are both future forward beds perfect for couples with individual comfort needs who still wish to share a bed. This may apply to older couples or those who struggle with chronic pain in general. However, there are several key differences between the two beds that should be taken into consideration, such as material safety and durability.

Best Mattress features for Sleep Number 360 i8 Bed

  • Known brand
  • Automatic adjustments
  • Sleep tracking technology

Best Mattress features for Air-Pedic 800 Bed

  • Zoned air chambers
  • Safe materials
  • Great customer service

Our Analysis

Our Mattress Comparison Summary Analysis

While Sleep Number has maintained its reputation for producing a popular product, Air-Pedic puts them to shame in nearly every aspect. Air-Pedic is provided by Select-a-Bed, a subsidiary of Relief-Mart, and has become an industry leader in pain relief, comfort management, and memory foam products.

Those who review Air-Pedic beds have a lot of kind things to say, particularly about the customer service they received from the company. In general, it looks as though most Air-Pedic owners are quite satisfied with their purchase. Sleep Number customers, however, report a slew of troubles with the warranty and durability of the parts, leaving them with an expensive investment they’re forced to keep paying for.

Mattress Comparison Performance Score

Comfort: 4/5
Back Support: 4.2/5
Edge Support: 3.2/5
Affordability: 2.7/5
Cooling: 3.2/5
Trial & Warranty: 3.3/5
Customer Service: 3.4/5

The Verdict: 3.4/5 Air-Pedic 800 Adjustable Air Bed

Between the Sleep Number 360 i8 and the Air-Pedic 800, the clear winner is the Air-Pedic 800 Adjustable Air Bed. Certain aspects of Sleep Number’s score, when compared to the Air-Pedic, actually drag down the Select-a-Bed competitor. While these beds certainly share a concept and function, beyond that the differences are staggering. From a stronger construction, to the zoned air chambers, Air-Pedic seems to out-do Sleep Number in nearly every way, including better customer service. Overall, if you’re in search of a luxury smart bed that adjusts to your individual needs, the Air-Pedic 800 is your champion bed.


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